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Estas chicas se quieren casar

Composer: Vicente Salerno

Arranger: Julian Hasse

Publication: No Information Available at this Time

Duration: 3:52

Program Notes:

This commission was performed with the Cortango Orquesta

Cortango Orquesta, a tango ensemble with a symphonic twist, is a concert and dance band featuring members of the Saint Louis Symphony. Founded and led by Cally Banham, a trained social Tango dancer, Cortango specializes in popular classics from the beloved orchestra leaders of Tango's golden era. Cortango is named for the "Cor anglais," or "English horn" - the atypical instrument in this otherwise orquesta tipica! Their songbook comes entirely from original arrangements made by members of the band, and by Argentine bandoneon player and Tango arranger, Julian Hasse, a featured collaborator.

Cortango Orquesta was born from a desire to create a live music experience that would be ideal for social dancers and has evolved to become a fusion concert ensemble, exploring the vast repertoire of contemporary Tango, incorporating a mixture of jazz and classical styles. The band debuted at the St. Louis Ritz-Carlton's "Nuestra Milonga" in May 2013. Engagements during their first season included a New York City debut at Cary Hall and a Festival debut performance at the Midwest Tango Festival. The group has been featured twice in concert at spectacular Powell Symphony Hall, as well as the Public Media Commons presented by the Nine Network. As part of the community programs at the St. Louis Symphony, Cortango has performed for patients at Siteman Cancer Center and for veterans at The Jefferson Barracks. To celebrate the great community of Tango dancers in St. Louis, Cortango created the popular annual "Chapel Milonga" event!

Cortango's debut album, "Tandas," released in 2015, is available on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby and was featured on the PBS show "Arts America." Cortango is a featured collaborator on a new recording scheduled for release in November 2017. Learn more about Cortango by visiting their website -





Score Sample:





​Love, Marriage, Latin Traditions



Carlos Lucero

Estas chicas se quieren casar
Estas chicas se quieren casar,
(Se quieren casar, se quieren casar...)

Todavia no han podido hallar,

(No han podido hallar, no han podido hallar...)

El amor que se forjan en suenos

Inutil empeno, buscar y buscar...

Y asi pasan y pasan los dias

Pensando que un dia se habran de casar.

Y asi van a los cines y al club,
A bailar, a remar, a las sierras y al mar.

Y no pueden, senor, encontrar

Ese amor ideal, que se han dado en buscar...

Porque a todos, defectos le encuentran

Que es alto, que es gordo, que es flaco y demas.

Y si siguen con sus pretensions

Para vestir santos, se van a quedar.

Que pensando no pueden dormir,
(No pueden dormir, no pueden dormir...)
Y Maria se acuerda de Juan,

Anita de Luis, Raquel de Martin.

Y les piden al buen San Antonio

Prendiendoles velas, les traiga un galan.

These Girls Just Want to Get Married
These girls just want to get married.
(They want to get married! They want to get married!)

But they still have not found

(They still have not found! They still have not found!)

the kind of love forged in dreams,

vain effort to search and search.

Now they spend and spend their days thinking they will get married someday.
Now they go to the movies and dance at the club,

and journey through mountains and sea.

And still, Sir, they cannot find the ideal love they have set out to find.

For they find faults in everyone,

that he's tall, that he's fat, that he's skinny, and so on.

(But if they keep on with these demands, they will end up as nuns!)

For thinking they cannot sleep.
(They cannot sleep! They cannot sleep!)
And Maria remembers Juan,
Anita Luis, Raquel Martin.

And lighting candles they ask kind Saint Anthony

to find them a suitor.

Estas chicas se quieren casarJulian Hasse
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