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- Songs from the Lake House -  Facebook Premiere Free Concert

Saturday, April 24, 7 p.m.

The Women’s Hope Chorale is not your typical community choir

and this is not your standard virtual concert!

We like to mix innovation with tradition to create

fresh, fun experiences for you. So, we met at a lake house and filmed an amazing lineup of wonderful music,

from Jazz to show tunes and opera arias to spirituals.

Our concert delivers some of the finest music you’ve never heard

with plenty of the favorites you already love.

We hope you’ll join us “lakeside” where you can relax and

enjoy this innovative virtual concert!

About Women’s Hope Chorale

The Women’s Hope Chorale of St. Louis is a group of women with diverse backgrounds and skills coming together to share their love of singing.  With a commitment to innovation and creativity, the Chorale commissions unique arrangements and works that give voice to women composers and poets. And the Chorale brings a fresh take to classical music, fusing musical styles and art forms in every concert. Extraordinary performances creating memorable experiences:  where innovation joins tradition.

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