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Follow Your Voice

Composer: Amy Scurria

Arranger: Not Applicable

Publication: No Information Available at this Time


Duration: 4:30

Program Notes:

Commissioned by the Women's HOPE Chorale as part of their 25th Anniversary Season





Score Sample:







Self-Confidence, Empowerment​, Determination



Julia Prittchett Gonzales

All my life, I've listened to those around me.
Followed others, followed orders.
Sneaking parts of myself in between and I used to think it was enough.

It used to be enough.

But now I'm ready to try something new.

I'm scared but I'm ready to follow my voice.

To do things my way and I know you have the courage to do the same.

Follow your voice.
Choose your own dreams!
Stop waiting for someone to tell you what to do or who you're supposed to be!

Follow your voice,  be yourself and be proud.
Follow your voice, take a chance.
Set your course.

Follow your dreams.

Trust yourself and go!

Set free what's already inside!

Listen! Follow your voice!

Follow Your VoiceAmy Scurria
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