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Psalm (Lament)

Composer: Carolee Coombs-Stacy

Arranger: Not Applicable

Publication: No Information Available at this Time

Duration: 4:31

Program Notes:

Commissioned by the Women's HOPE Chorale (formerly the St. Louis Women's Chorale) in memory of Amy Watkins





Score Sample:





A cappella


Faith, Comfort, Healing​



Shirley Bynum Smith

O God, where were you on an ordinary night in the great dark city?
Where were you when a young woman, one of your own,
was robbed and stabbed in a random act of evil?

Where were you, O God?

Where were you when she, worth more than the sparrows,
was left alone to bleed and die?
O God, where were you then?

Unknowing, I said my evening prayer and I slept.
You were with me then when my world was in place.
Now all is chaos and I look for you.

If you are love, compassion, justice and mercy,
I know where you were that night.
You were on the dark street with her.

You held her hand as you wept,

as now you hold my hand and weep with me.

Psalm (Lament)Carolee Coombs-Stacy
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