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Season 28

The Notebooks of
Leonardo da Vinci

Friday, April 28 2023

Perhaps more than any other figure, artist, architect, and engineer Leonardo da Vinci epitomized what it meant to be a Renaissance man. Well known are da Vinci’s paintings Mona Lisa and Last Supper. Lesser known are his dozens of secret notebooks, filled with theories, observations, and inventions: the bicycle, the helicopter, and—hundreds of years before it was invented—the design of an airplane based on the biology of a bat. It’s those private notebooks that are explored and brought to life using the artist’s own words and drawings in Brushstrokes: The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, a regional premiere. Composed by Jocelyn Hagen and performed by the Saint Louis Women’s Chorale and Saint Louis Philharmonic Orchestra, the 90 minute concert will include the latest video-synching technology, allowing the audience a window into the artist-inventor’s world, his imagination, his ingenuity, and his brilliance that was centuries ahead of its time. 

Scott Winters &  Jocelyn Hagen

Keep An Eye Out For...

Jocelyn Hagen, the composer, will be attending the concert and giving a pre-performance talk.


Muséik creator, Scott Winters, will be operating the video syncing software during our concert.

Season 28

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