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Theater of Hope

Composer: Adam Maness

Arranger: Not Applicable

Publication: No Information Available at this Time

Duration: 4:39 (Mvt. 1); 5:09 (Mvt. 2); 4:47 (Mvt. 3); 4:23 (Mvt. 4)

Program Notes:

Recorded at Powell Symphony Hall, January 2016





Score Sample:



SSA (Mvt. 1 and Mvt. 2), SSAA (Mvt. 3), SSA and Alto Soloist (Mvt. 4)


Piano - can be performed with strings and percussion as in our recordings


​Love, War, Sisterhood



Katy Miller

I. Theater of Operations
When the sun rises!

Shake the scorpion from your boots

This is your day!

Remember why you are here

The heat

The beat

The beat of Chinooks in your ear

II. Theater of Night
At night, silence.
Stars as deep as memory

III. Mother's Song
You must trust 
You must trust the sun to rise

Ev'ry morning, you must

This is an exercise of faith.

You hope it's not a lie

You must trust

You must trust the memory of your fingers, the feel,

The palm of your hand

On his sweet forehead

His soft boy's hair when you tucked him into bed

You must trust

You must trust and believe

That you will rest again when he is home

Though now you awake at dawn

Never forgetting where he is gone

And you must trust,

You must trust the song

The power of all you cannot see

That feels like gravity,

That holds all things together,

Like melody

Like the arms of a mother.

IV. The Soldier's Soldier
You are the mother, the soldier's soldier
In this sisterhood you do not rest

Even when you sleep you only have one dream,

that he is safe at home again

You are the mother,
You are a soldier in your soul
Vigilance is what you learn to know.

Even when you sleep you dream a clock

counting the seconds until he's home again

When he's home again

Home again

Who will he be,

Who will he be when he's home again

Home again

Theater of OperationsAdam Maness
00:00 / 04:40
Theater of NightAdam Maness
00:00 / 05:09
Mother's SongAdam Maness
00:00 / 04:47
The Soldier's SoldierAdam Maness
00:00 / 04:23
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